We offer various licenses, tailored to your educational needs. Quarterfall also has a free version so anyone can get started right away to create and share educational material.

Student credits**02005001000
Additional student credits-€1.000* per 100 extra credits€1.000* per 100 extra credits€1.000* per 100 extra credits
Support-emailemail and phoneemail and phone
Teacher collaboration
Assignment editor
Automatic feedback
Modules and courses
Enrolling students
Inspecting student work
Student analytics
Manual feedback
Cloud check
Customizable analytics

* Prices exclude applicable taxes.

** Each time you enroll a student into one of your courses, this is counted as one credit. A student is counted once per course (s)he is enrolled in.

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What students say about Quarterfall

"It’s a really useful system and gives you a clear view of what you still need to do."

"Preferably all my courses should use Quarterfall."

"It’s great to have all information in one place instead of going back and forth between PowerPoints, PDFs, Blackboard, etc."

"I think this is a really useful tool for many courses."

"I really appreciated using Quarterfall in addition to the lectures and videos. It gave me an idea of what to expect for the exam."

"I liked that there were different topics in Quarterfall so you could keep track of your learning progress."

"Interface is very smooth, the feedback system with answers is very nice. Easy to use."

"I liked how all the materials of a subject are organized and that you can test your knowledge right after watching the clips."

"Quarterfall would be useful for any course, because it is an easy way to provide extra practice materials."

"Everything is so easily accessible. It does it's job well and I really like it."