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At Quarterfall, we believe there's always room for learning and innovating. So, we collaborate with institutes and people who want to push forward the education domain. Below are the collaborations and initiatives we're currently working on.

Our current collaborations and projects

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Quarterfall is part of the Quality-Focused Programming Education (QPED) consortium. This European Erasmus+ project focuses on improving programming education by putting more emphasis on software quality and testing.

For more information, visit the QPED website.

Open Source Educational Materials

Knowledge is meant to be shared so it benefits the highest numbers. We encourage our customers to share their learning materials with others.

Browse our open-source material library here.

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Open Source Code Running Server

We maintain an open-source code running server that allows for running code in the cloud (or locally on your own machine).

The code is available on GitHub.

Quarterfall ONE

Want to get a glimpse of our platform and its features? Try ONE, a free version of Quarterfall, to create and share learning material with your students so they can practice.

Sharing assignments with students is anonymized and you will not be able to see student submissions.


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If you have plans for an education innovation project and are looking for an industrial partner, please contact us!