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About us

Quarterfall was built by ICT teachers for ICT teachers. Learning is at the core of who we are. Since 2019, our mission is to help improve higher education for students and teachers.

Our cloud-based platform offers

  • A flexible assignment creation process with a Markdown interface and built-in code editor
  • Centralized teaching and learning materials
  • Automatic feedback by testing students' code
  • Mathematical formulas and diagrams support
  • GDPR compliance

With zero product maintenance needed on your part, we aim to help streamline Computer Science education.

Meet the team


Arjan Egges


Arjan worked for many years as an Associate Professor in Computer Science at Utrecht University in the Netherlands. He published a number of textbooks on programming in languages such as C# and JavaScript. He has ample experience in creating complex software systems and shares this knowledge via his YouTube channel.


Mark Overmars


Mark was a Full Professor in Computer Science at Utrecht University as well. He set up curricula in medical computer science and game development and wrote various textbooks and tools for game development. He has managed successful companies before.


Tim Evci

Software Developer

Tim is an electrical engineer turned web developer. He speaks five languages and is fluent in several programming languages too. His ability to understand and adapt quickly to our customers and team's needs makes him a great asset.


Léa Le Loët

Customer Relations & Sales Manager

Léa is our newest addition. She has worked in customer relations, sales, and project management for SaaS companies within various industries for years. Her diverse background allows for a great understanding of customers' needs and for an ability to create true partnerships.

Learning is at the core of who we are. Our culture and values reflect this.