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The flexible cloud-based platform that helps streamline Computer Science education.

With Quarterfall you can

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Create flexible and engaging learning material with
  • Customizable Markdown interface
  • A mobile and desktop-friendly version
  • Mathematical formulas
  • Many programming languages
  • Diagrams, charts, tables & images support
Give students automatic and instant feedback with
  • Tailored feedback options
  • IO tests and unit tests
  • A Git integration
  • Automatically or manually graded submissions
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Get live insight into the student learning process with
  • Student progress and performance tracking
  • Insights into time spent on assignments
  • An overview of students' results
  • Report templates & custom analytics

What our users say

"My students really enjoyed receiving instant feedback on their assignments. The automated feedback function provides them with immediate feedback describing the most common mistakes, this allows the teaching assistants to focus on helping with more involved and special cases."
Anna-Lena Lamprecht
Anna-Lena Lamprecht, Assistant Professor, Utrecht University
"It's great to have all information in one place instead of going back and forth between PowerPoints, PDFs, Blackboard, etc."

Anonymous student

"Preferably all my courses should use Quarterfall."

Anonymous student

"Quarterfall would be useful for any course, because it is an easy way to provide extra practice materials."

Anonymous student

"Interface is very smooth, the feedback system with answers is very nice. Easy to use."

Anonymous student

"The people behind Quarterfall understand education and what it takes to develop learning materials. My students and I can focus on content rather than wrestle with platform-related technicalities."
Casper Kaandorp

Casper Kaandorp, Research Engineer and Python Teacher, Utrecht University

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